Visa and insurance
To visit Russian Federation you need visa. Visa application implies letter of invitation. Please let us know, if you need one when booking. SnowlabPRI doesn’t execute insurance for the guests. If you need insurance, please acquire it before your trip in an insurance company.

Getting to Priiskovoe
We recommend you a flight to Krasnoyarsk city airport from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk or other cities. Our bus will take you from the airport or from a hotel in Krasnoyarsk to Priiskovoe. Our manager will inform you about the details while booking.

Packing bags
Planning the list of your belonings you should take into account that most of  standart items are available in our lodge. The only things we ask you to bring with you are sandals for walking in the lodge, shampoo and shower gel. You can buy it in local shop either. For payments in Priiskovoe you should have cash money with you. Local shops accept credit cards but there might be problems with communication systems during storms sometimes. You should also have enough cash to pay for your trip in the lodge including bar, banya, souvenirs and other expenses.

You should take your common freeriding eqipment with you. Backpack is rather recommended. Avalanche gear rental (beacon, probe, shovel) is included and it’s not necessary to bring your own. We use Pieps avalanche equipment. If you need skis or a snowboard for rent, please let us know before hand to ensure that appropriate equipment is available on your dates and we can reserve it for you.

Wi-Fi and cellular
There’s Wi-Fi in the lodge which data rate is enough for e-mailing, messengers and some multimedia exchange but it’s not appropriate for large amounts of data transfer. The only mobile operator that works well both in the town and in the moutains is Tele2.