SnowlabPRI is located in Priiskovoe. We organize snowcat skiing tours and season lasts from the end of October till April.

Priiskovoe is a small mountain town well known for its snow conditions and freeriding opportunities. Situated in the heart of Siberia in the middle of Asian continent Priiskovoe provides dry, light and fluffy snow known as «champagne powder». Isolated in the mountains of Kuznetsk Alatau the town still keeps its long history of gold-mining place and at the same time provides established standard of hospitality. Our lodge was build 3 years ago and ensures everything you need for your freeriding vacation.

Snowcat skiing is a kind of off-piste, backcountry skiing when the group is carried to the start of the run by a snowcat or piste machine equipped specially for this purpose. You can read about our snowcats on this page. Here at SnowlabPRI your skiing is carried out by 2 guides per group, basic avalanche equipment is provided. More info about equipment and rental is here. Our rates are here. Please check the information about terrain and weather conditions.

The best way to get to Priiskovoe is a flight to Krasnoyarsk city from Moscow, St. Petersburg or other cities. Our bus will take you from the airport or from a hotel in Krasnoyarsk to Priiskovoe. The road will take several hours. The bus will make stops for you to have a meal, to shop or for other needs. If you plan your trip differently you can discuss it with our manager while booking.

Our contacts
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