Priiskovoe terrain is variable — from mellow trees to steeps and cornices. Most of the runs are available for a freerider of average level. Average elevation per run is 300-350 meters, incline varies from 15 to 45 degrees. The longest run is 2000 meters long. Skiing is performed in the 900 to 1600 interval (MASL).

Average temperatures in November-February are -10/-15 C. In March they are -5/-8 C in average. Temperatures lower than -20C are infrequent. For any conditions our snowcats are equipped with heating system which takes care of your comfort during your way up the hill. If thermometer outside indicates -30C — skiing is canceled for the day. In this and other cases relating to extreme weather conditions (chances are 1%) involving cancellation of skiing it is not responsibility of SnowlabPRI and no indemnity refunds are provided. 

You can monitor current weather and forecast here.